[ubuntu-women] introduction

Claudine Chionh claudinec at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 06:35:36 UTC 2006

Hi everyone!

I've been using Ubuntu at home since 4.10; before that I used Mac OS
X, Debian and (way back in the 1990s :-) ) Slackware. I work in public
health research, using a proprietary statistical package for data
management and basic statistical analysis. Back when I had spare time,
I taught myself HTML, LaTeX and some PHP. I'm also interested in
technical writing and Linux advocacy. I'm not currently in a position
where I can convince my colleagues to use free software. The tools are
all there (we could do analysis in R and write reports in LaTeX or
OpenOffice) but attitudes need changing.

I'm also involved in Linuxchix and lurk on the Debian-Women mailing
list. Ubuntu is my favourite Linux distro and I think Ubuntu-Women has
great potential for getting more non-programmers involved.


Claudine Chionh <claudinec at gmail.com>
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
telephone: +61 418 592 269

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