[UbuntuWomen] Introduction

Cindy Trinidad cindytrinidad at sanbedaalabang.org
Fri Jun 30 22:48:59 UTC 2006

Hi, all,

I am Cindy Trinidad from the Philippines.

Along with two friends, we have a small computer services company,
Tri-Global Computer Systems, Inc.  We offer, among others, low-priced,
quality computer education and training. Such are offered to people of
various age groups - from pre-school age to senior citizens.  We've been
in this line of work since 1984 and our company was put up in 1994. 
There are 9 of us in our company, 7 women and 2 men. 

Just since last year, we discovered the beauty of free and open source
software and have decided to push the use of Linux, OpenOffice.Org, etc.
and started promoting them to our existing clients.  Our computer lab
now runs using different Linux distros like Ubuntu and our local Linux
distro, Bayanihan Linux.  We teach not only business applications but
also technical applications like Linux Administration and end-user training.

Just recently we had some old machines that we felt would be useful for
others - so we installed different Linux distros on those and donated
them to some public schools (as children in these schools have never
even been able to touch a computer in their lives) for use by some
elementary children and for use by some hearing-impared kids. We also
gave some away to a technical school that offers free computer education
for needy adults.

We believe that a country like ours (a third world country) needs such
solutions.  We do hope that efforts like ours would make more of our
countrymen realize that software piracy is not the solution to high
software prices - that there is a very good alternative easiy available
to all.

I too, wish, that like the others in this group, I'd later on be given
the chance to attend Ubuntu events and be able to share our local
experience in spreading computer education using Ubuntu and other free
and open source software.

Thanks and I am glad to be in this group.



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