[UbuntuWomen] Another new one.

Alyssa Knox nylffn at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 16:34:20 UTC 2006

Since all of the new(ish) people are popping up, I thought I would do
the same. =)

I'm 20 (the education in progress crowd! Whoo!) and in Canada. I've
been using Ubuntu for myself for over a year, now. This fall I hope to
hold an open source software workshop at my university's Women's
Centre, so if anyone has done anything similar, and has suggestions,
I'd love to hear about it! I want to encourage women with all levels
of skill to switch to products like OO.o or even Ubuntu, with the goal
of a completely free and ethical system.

Oh, and you might also see me on IRC as <Touru>.

Nice to meet you all!

Alyssa Knox

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