[UbuntuWomen] Old Wiki and Current Website

Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at princessleia.com
Sat Jul 1 13:28:15 UTC 2006

While I was going through the content on our old wiki and old website I
realized I'm not quite sure what our vision of the new wiki is.

The old wiki had a great deal more information that I believe should be on our
static HTML page. Was this not moved over just because the admins haven't had
time? Or we haven't been sure what our vision is?

I'd be willing to help out with both the site and wiki as an administrator, I
have a lot of time this weekend to help out.

We need to decide whether the following sections from the old Wiki should be
moved to the static page or the new wiki:


Clytie - you seem to be the leader on this bit of the project, I don't know
much about translations. Do you think we should have a static page talking
about translations and then a wiki page with information that changes more
often like members of the translation team?


I think this should stay on the wiki, but perhaps be altered. Rather than a
volunteers page maybe we have a Members page that people can put their
information on and as a side note explain how they contribute, if at all, to
the project?


This is being discussed in another thread, will probably go static.


I've sort of moved some of the content over to the new wiki. Not sure if any of
the ideas on the old wiki are still valid though.

There were some links on the main UbuntuWomen wiki to other -women projects,
should we add a Links page to the new Wiki or static page?

And the UbuntuWomen Forums still exist (and are quite active) over on
ubuntuforums.org - was it determined whether we are the same group? Should we
link the Forum to our website?


Finally, I wonder if the old wiki should be removed when we have moved over all
the information to the new site? I think it's confusing to have both the old
wiki and a new website (first hit on google for ubuntu women is our website,
second is the old wiki, third is the forum on ubuntuforums.org).

And as a small side note, the current page has a menu item called "FAQ's" - it
should be "FAQ" (FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked
Questions's doesn't make sense ;))

Elizabeth A. Krumbach // Lyz at PrincessLeia.com

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