How do we disable the snap stuff

Ralf Mardorf kde.lists at
Fri Jul 30 01:42:55 UTC 2021

On Fri, 30 Jul 2021 08:51:28 +0800, Robbi Nespu wrote:
>I not sure if Ubuntu comes with snapd installed and some packages
>comes from snapd be default (I use Debian BTW) but I assume no snapd
>install by default


maybe not by default, but when installing a program by an Ubuntu DEB
package, then under the hood it might install the program by a snap.

"In 19.10, the chromium-browser deb package (and related packages) have
been made a transitional package that contains only wrapper scripts and
a desktop file for backwards compatibility. When upgrading or
installing the deb package on 19.10, the snap will be downloaded from
the Snap Store and installed." -

"[...] Transitional package - chromium-browser -> chromium snap
 [...] depends [...] snapd Daemon and tooling that enable snap packages"

Linux get out of the users control. You might think it's only Ubuntu
doing something freakish, but no, a very prominent example are drop-in

Due to drop-in configurations it became almost impossible for
power-users to maintain a highly configured computer. I'm not the only
user who was bitten by a package overriding important settings in
/etc/security/limits.conf by a drop-in file. The drop-in directory
"feature" is a PITA, no matter what distro we are using.


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