Problem with sound and VB

MR ZenWiz mrzenwiz at
Mon Sep 23 17:48:39 UTC 2019

In the last week or so, I have lost sound on my VirtualBox Windows 7
VM.  I've tried a number of different VB configuration options, but
all that happens now is it crashes (BSOD) every time it comes up.

I can't help wondering if something changed in my Xubuntu underneath
that may be contributing to the problem.

The VM normally comes up with output enabled using PulseAudio as the
driver and Intel HD Audio as the sound settings.  I tried using the
other two sound devices (one I don't recall, the other was Sound
Blaster) but neither one produced any sound.

When I switched the driver to ALSA, the Windows VM crashed on startup
or shortly thereafter (BSOD).  I also tried the OSS driver, but now it
always crashes right after I log in.

I'm running:

Xubuntu 18.04.3 with all the L&G updates.
VB 6.0.10.  I went back to VB 6.0.2 to see if that helped, but it didn't.

I also noticed that, although I had both analog stereo and HDMI stereo
output devices in the host, the VM only sees the HDMI audio, and the
PulseAudio sound mixer doesn't allow me to change it.

Please do not come back with "don't use PulseAudio" - I've seen that
before and never had a problem with it until now.  However, if that is
the ONLY solution, I'll go look up how to get rid of pulse...

I hav also posted on the VB forum about this, though in less detail
(that was before I tried experimenting and watched it blow up).


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