Unwanted music played by some websites

Little Girl littlergirl at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 04:00:08 UTC 2019

Hey there,

Bill wrote:

>WS=> I too use no script but I can't seem to find how to use it to   
>control just the sound.  I looked on the Firefox website and they 
>indicate that if you go to Preferences/privacy & security there is a
>way to control the sounds under the Permissions section.   The
>problem is that the sounds line does not exist on my browser.  It
>seems that the missing line is exactly what I want.

This should work as long as you have Firefox v66:


It's a new Firefox feature that blocks media auto-play.

If you read the instructions, you don't go into Preferences to do
this. You go into the Control Center in Firefox. The way to get to
that is to click the little i in a circle to the left of the URL in
the address bar. Once you're in the Control Center, click the
"Permissions" entry, put a check in the "Block websites from
automatically playing sound" box, and you should be all set.

The link above gives instructions for that and then some, so you'll
want to look it over.

Little Girl

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