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On 4/20/19 11:15 PM, Bill wrote:
> On 04/20/2019 10:50 PM, Normand Marion wrote:
>> On Firefox to block some undesired windows I use the addon 
>> "noscript". It controles cookies and script execution.
>> Hope it will help you in some ways.
>> Le sam. 20 avr. 2019, à 20 h 47, Bill <bstanle at 
>> <mailto:bstanle at>> a écrit :
>>     Hi,
>>     Is there any way to block (unless wanted) the music played by some
>>     websites?  I find unwanted sounds coming from the speaker very
>>     annoying,
>>     particularly when I am listening to some wanted music.  Of
>>     course, I do
>>     want to listen to some website sounds.  I am using the Firefox web
>>     browser and Mint 17.1 with the Mate desktop.
>>     Bill Stanley
> WS=> I too use no script but I can't seem to find how to use it to 
> control just the sound.  I looked on the Firefox website and they 
> indicate that if you go to Preferences/privacy & security there is a 
> way to control the sounds under the Permissions section.   The problem 
> is that the sounds line does not exist on my browser.  It seems that 
> the missing line is exactly what I want.

WS=> I couldn't find the options in Preferences / privacy& security 
/permissions was that this option was in a recent version of Firefox.  
When I updated Firefox, the option was there.  I just hope that this 
Firefox option works.  I'll have to wait for a website that attempts to 
use the speaker to see if this fixes the problem.

Bill Dtanley

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