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Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 10 10:09:24 UTC 2019

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>On Wed, 10 Apr 2019 at 10:51, Karl Auer <kauer at biplane.com.au> wrote:
>> - run it in WINE (probably won't work)
>I confess I've not tried Outlook but some of Office works surprisingly well.
>I run Word 97 and 2003 for good reasons. 97 is the oldest (= smallest,
>fastest, simplest) version that supports the version 2 .DOC file
>format. It runs like lightning on C21 PCs. It works perfectly on WINE:
>all the service releases and optional features can be installed and
>work fine.
>Word 2003 is the last version with the traditional UI. I find later
>versions (with the Ribbon) unusable. It too works flawlessly under
>CrossOver Office, including updates and service releases, and add-ons
>like the Office 2007 file convertors. But I couldn't get it to install
>on free WINE
>Word 2000, OTOH, I could only install with difficulty and I couldn't
>get the service packs to install.
>So it depends on version. Old versions are more likely to work.
>> Linux has a plethora of excellent mail clients, and there are a zillion
>> web clients. Ten minutes talking to Uncle Google will turn up a dozen
>> options for you to try.
>Notably, GNOME Evolution is quite Outlook-like in operation and I
>think it has a connector plugin for Exchange, but this requires either
>MAPI or OWA (or both) to be installed/enabled on the Exchange server.

Is there anything I can use to download my hotmail? I've recently become 
aware that hotmail uses about 200-300M just to display maybe 50 text subject
line in chromium even before spawning off another 100-200M of ad subframes.
On a system with less than a Gb of memory this means nothing runs. I guess I could
just say I need more memory but it is annoying not having any idea what it could possibly
do usefully with all that memory especially when the "mail" command and text ads would
work better. I have an old 'dohs install with outlook 2007 and "outlook connector" and 
want to download all my mail but it never seems to work reliably. 

>I know from my own experience -- I was a certified Exchange admin
>once, in a more painful stage of my career -- that it's a very fragile
>and super-complex program, and as such, Exchange admins do not like it
>when users ask for server config changes just so that said user can
>run a weird nonstandard client OS. ;-)
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