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Thu Nov 29 20:50:13 UTC 2018

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> I've got a ubuntu server and wordpress site. I want to upload hundreds
> of files to the WP media library and have them found by interested
> users using the built in WP search function. Can anyone refer me to a
> reference for this? I've gone through the WP plugins and have not found
> what I want. Also a WP mailing list as opposed to forum would be useful.

Unless you upload the media files via the WP media uploader (eg one at a
time). WP is not going to know about the files. Eg if you use FTP or SSH or
rsync or such CLI tools to transfer the files into some random place under the
wp-content/uploads/ WP won't know the files are even there.

The WP people don't believe in E-Mail lists. One *must* use the pointy-clicky
WP forum (which on some levels sucks). You can't even reply via E-Mail to the
E-Mails it sends to let you now when someone posts to a forum you are
subscribed to.

There are plugins available for managing general file downloads and various 
plugins for managing media files (images, etc.) in various ways (galleries, 
etc.).  The Download Manager plugin can probably be searched.  I don't know 
what search options the various image management plugins provide for.

> Dave

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