ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 171, Issue 36

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Thu Nov 22 09:05:51 UTC 2018


please change your subscription options at

After logging in change "Get MIME or Plain Text Digests?" from "Plain
Text" to "MIME".

If you reply to a MIME digest chose the attached email you actually
want to reply to, http://www.list.org/mailman-member/node28.html.

Some mailing lists only provide MIME digest for the digest and for the
Evolution (a MUA) mailing list, that also does use mailman, MIME was
made the default for digest, after I suggested to do so, but a year
later digest was dropped completely, since even MIME digest wasn't used
correctly and because digest makes no sense at all. Nobody ever was
able to provide a valid reason for needing digest, let alone for plain
text digest, let alone for ignoring the hint to at least change the
subject, when replying to plain text digest.

"[snip] Write your email underneath the email which you are replying to
 [snip] remove any unnecessary text
 [snip] Avoid sending emails in HTML format
 [snip] When replying to messages, use [snip] Reply To List function
 [snip] When starting a new subject, do not reply to a previous email
 [snip] Replying to digest emails breaks the threading [1]
 [snip]" -
 From http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/support/mailinglists/ that
 doesn't exist anymore.
 Solvable by using MIME Digest


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