bottledaemon stop/start doesn't work if killed elsewhere

Adam Funk a24061 at
Sun Nov 18 17:32:12 UTC 2018


I'm using bottledaemon to run a little REST service on a Pi that takes
input from other machines on the LAN and stores stuff in a database.
I have a cron job to call 'stop' and 'start' on it daily, just in case
of problems.

Occasionally the oom-killer runs overnight and kills the process using
bottledaemon; when this happens (unlike properly stopping the daemon),
the pidfile and its lockfile are left on the filesystem, so the 'stop'
does nothing and the 'start' gets refusedq because the old pidfile and
lockfile are present.  At the moment, I eventually notice something
wrong with the output data, ssh into the Pi, and rm the two files then
call 'start' on the daemon again.

Is there a recommended or good way to handle this situation


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