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> On Sat, 17 Nov 2018 15:57:16 -0500 (EST), Robert Heller wrote:
> >[...] RHEL on the otherhand [...]
> >
> >I'd would really like to recomend to the OP to NOT install any verison
> >of Ubuntu on a non-Internet connected machine.
> My "main" install is Arch Linux, a real rolling release and my "you
> never know what happens to Arch Linux 'backup'" install is an Ubuntu LTS
> install.
> I agree, that in most cases it's way better to use Ubuntu with an
> Internet connection, let alone a rolling release such as Arch Linux and
> without doubts upgrading gcc works assuming the conditions you assume
> are fulfilled.
> However, why does the OP need an upgrade of gcc within the Ubuntu
> release model distro policy only?
> IMO it's fishy. A security upgrade makes sense, a feature upgrade
> doesn't make sense. IOW, why is an upgrade of gcc only required for a
> machine that isn't connected to the Internet?

It is possible that the machine originally had a 'minimual' install and so is 
missing build-esentials.  It also possible the OP is someplace that lacks 
"Real" Internet.  Like, for example, Western Mass.  *I* live in a town (in 
Western Mass) where there is no DSL, no cable provider, and spottly cell 
coverage.  *I* have dialup Internet at home (which I have to throttle down to 
33KBPS, since the phone lines are crap and are not really up to spec (cannot 
reliable handle V.90).  Yes, there really are places like that, mostly in 
rural USA.  From an Internet Access POV, the USA has become a "third world 


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