Censorship and old less

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Sun Nov 11 17:35:10 UTC 2018

2018年11月11日(日) 22:42、Colin Law さん(clanlaw at gmail.com)のメッセージ:

> To bring this back somewhat to the topic, is there a good reason why
> an old version of less is shipped (even with 18.10).

You mean, besides the general concept of not being too perfect for the


I may have vague memories of having observed a thread on the question.

But I may be confusing it with threads on why less is more. (Really big
hint to the OP here.)

Basically, the OP seems to be a lazy (whatever) who wants his world perfect
according to his tomorrow's definition yesterday, so that when the boss
gives him a problem to solve he can already have it solved.

Life (and standard tools to be called from *sh) are not context free.
"Fixing" the behavior of stadard tools like system pagers has a ripple
effect, and should generally be held off to see what the consequences are
unless there are serious security issues.

If a particular user doesn't like things like the behavior of his system
pager's default behaviour, he should use alias -- or other local changes to
the shell login script, or local scripts in ${HOME}/bin or such -- to
override them. Carefully. And instead of ranting about how everybody else
must be wrong, he should ask for help figuring out where and how to tune
his own operating environment.

If he produces something that seems to be useful to lots of other users, he
might take it to the devs to ask if they are interested in adding it to the
default pager. That's basically how more/less got all the optional
behaviors they/it have/has now.
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