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> On 2018-11-09 07:55, Paul Groves wrote:
> > However I cannot work out how to change the Horizontal sync from 31KHz
> > to 15.6KHz, with the result being that I can see the picture but it is
> > continuously scrolling across the screen very fast.
> > 
> > Is there a way do do this with a command? Of course if the graphics
> > card supports it. How would I check this?
> Holy 1995, Batman!  The XF86Config file supports doing stuff like you're 
> describing, but I haven't seen one in use in ages -- indeed, I'm not 
> even sure they *can* still be used.  But X -- always assuming you're 
> using X -- did support specifying things like horizontal scan rates, and 
> I assume still does behind the scenes somewhere.  But Lordy, I hated 
> tweaking the modelines by hand.
> This page does mention some things (e.g., pointer devices) that I *have* 
> used in recent memory, so maybe this stuff is still viable: 
> https://luv.asn.au/overheads/xconfig/index.html

It is matter of grep'ing the supported modelines from  /var/log/Xorg.0.log 
(might be different on your system), and then finding the one that does what 
you need and dropping it into a right place in the right config file.  Yes, 
most modern incarnations of X11 can live completely without a config file and 
will figure it out on the fly.  (I wonder if the OP's pointy-clicky 
configuration created a config file with the "Wrong" magic bits.)

> Good luck!
> -Ken

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