Output VGA to TV

Paul Groves paul.groves.787 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 16:39:03 UTC 2018

On 09/11/2018 16:09, Ken D'Ambrosio wrote:
> Holy 1995, Batman!  The XF86Config file supports doing stuff like you're 
> describing, but I haven't seen one in use in ages -- indeed, I'm not 
> even sure they *can* still be used.  But X -- always assuming you're 
> using X -- did support specifying things like horizontal scan rates, and 
> I assume still does behind the scenes somewhere.  But Lordy, I hated 
> tweaking the modelines by hand.
> This page does mention some things (e.g., pointer devices) that I *have* 
> used in recent memory, so maybe this stuff is still viable: 
> https://luv.asn.au/overheads/xconfig/index.html
> Good luck!
> -Ken

Thanks. I will have a look into that. I am sure it must be possible. I 
remember doing it with win 98 and my old ATI card.

I have already made a VGA to SCART cable up so it is literally just the 
sync frequency setting I am stuck on.

Does Kodi use X? You know when you log in and select Kodi instead of 

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