Censorship and old less

hatemailer4u at cock.li hatemailer4u at cock.li
Wed Nov 7 20:38:19 UTC 2018

A few days ago i wanted to express my opinion on delaying fixes to 
critical system components. Looks like the censor disagreed with me. 
Anyway, here it goes again, this time as a member of this list:

> Alright,
> I had a simple use case. Make less quit when the output fits on my
> screen. There's a flag for that (--quit-if-one-screen (no you judging
> anons, i am not gonna use the short flags because i don't remember
> them.... just like you wouldn't use one letter function names or
> parameter names unless you were a complete fuckhead (or a C creatin),
> i won't use one letter flag names)). So i used it and when the text
> was short, it didn't show anything because less clears the screen on
> exit. Alright, that's pretty fucked up stupidity right there (like...
> do you even test?). But ok, the devs knew they weren't exactly
> geniuses and there's a flag for that too (--no-init (see how beautiful
> it is when it's clear what it does from the name? you can read these
> insults without looking at the manpage to understand why i am
> insulting you)). It doesn't sound like exactly what i want but hey,
> --no-init or --no-deinit, close enough, right? So i use that and
> because it's 2018 i am used to scrolling with the mouse wheel. I do it
> without thinking about it. Terminals are retarded enough by using
> CTRL+C for something else but you fuckers are not taking scrolling
> away from me. But --no-init breaks scrolling with mouse wheel. Because
> idk why, i guess just because fuck me. Alright, so i rant on IRC
> knowing i can't possibly be the only one who wants sane behavior from
> less. And someone helpfully points out --quit-if-one-screen works for
> him. So... he has a newer less. By 2 fucking years. At this point it's
> clear the non-genius who wrote less is not getting hatemail but you
> fuckers are. Because he fixes hit shit. Why the fuck does debian or
> ubuntu or whoever retarded (yes, that word fits nicely here) piece of
> shit consider it acceptable to ship 2 years old software. I update
> every fucking weak and this is what i get? Why do i have to install
> nix when debian thinks they have a perfectly good PM? Because those
> dipshits don't. It can't handle multiple versions at the same time but
> they'd never run into that because having multiple versions would
> imply they actually update packages at some point. Fucktards.
> Alright, despite sounding like an asshole, i am a pretty smart guy
> (more than debian packagers for sure). I can be wrong. If there's a
> sane reason for this stupidity, defend yourself. Yes, you can blame
> others and i will then hatemail those fuckheads if shipping 2 year old
> software is necessary to keep shit working but that would be pretty
> fucked up, right? Surely it doesn't take 2 years to fix critical bugs.
> Umm, to be clear, this is pointed at idiots who somehow believe they
> gain "stability" by ignoring newer versions. Not the users or the
> mailinglist, i just picked this one because it had at least some
> activity. And seriously, what the fuck do you gain? Last year you had
> broken cloc or whatever it was for half a year. And I couldn't update
> because of the same reason. The bug was fixed the next week and you
> dickheads made me wait for half a fucking year. I didn't like it, i
> don't like you... in fact, i fucking hate you. You about you lick my
> asshole right after i take a shit and see how you like that???

Yes I read your CoC(k) and that this is about being human or whatever. 
For me being human is also expressing me feelings unfiltered.

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