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> On 25/08/18 20:48, Robert Heller wrote:
> [...]
> > *End Users* really should be reporting bugs to their "System
> > Manager".  Or if they don't have such a thing, they probably should
> > be finding a Guru to talk to first.
> My guess is that a large majority of Linux users are solo and don't have 
> a sysadm to talk to (I'd love to know real figures, though). In my last 
> job I was the unofficial sysadm for Linux because I was the only person 
> with a high enough profile using it for other users to notice me in an 
> ocean of corporate Windows.
> > Maybe "End Users" would be better off reporting the bug "here" or
> > someplace like "Ask Ubuntu". This would get the bug to someone with
> > the understanding of the system to try to reproduce the problem and
> > then that person could then file a bug report that would in fact be
> > useful.
> Most neophytes probably don't know what "here" (mailing list) exists. 
> They might find Ask Ubuntu. I'd say most of them Google until they find 
> a page that describes a problem matching their error message. More 
> experienced users pick it up as they go along and become adepts :-)

And I expect that most "bugs" are not really bugs but some sort of 
misconfiguration or (as was for me) a problem like an undersized file system 
that ran out of space (probably not likely for neophytes, since the default 
("dumb") mode for most installers is to use the whole or most of the disk for 
one file system.  

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