"The system detected a problem, do you want to report it?" dialog

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sat Aug 25 21:25:21 UTC 2018

On 25/08/18 20:48, Robert Heller wrote:
> *End Users* really should be reporting bugs to their "System
> Manager".  Or if they don't have such a thing, they probably should
> be finding a Guru to talk to first.

My guess is that a large majority of Linux users are solo and don't have 
a sysadm to talk to (I'd love to know real figures, though). In my last 
job I was the unofficial sysadm for Linux because I was the only person 
with a high enough profile using it for other users to notice me in an 
ocean of corporate Windows.

> Maybe "End Users" would be better off reporting the bug "here" or
> someplace like "Ask Ubuntu". This would get the bug to someone with
> the understanding of the system to try to reproduce the problem and
> then that person could then file a bug report that would in fact be
> useful.

Most neophytes probably don't know what "here" (mailing list) exists. 
They might find Ask Ubuntu. I'd say most of them Google until they find 
a page that describes a problem matching their error message. More 
experienced users pick it up as they go along and become adepts :-)


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