term vs .desktop Corrected

Grizzly Real_Grizz_Adams at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Aug 20 16:02:02 UTC 2018

20 August 2018  at 23:01, Karl Auer wrote:
Re: term vs .desktop Corrected (at least in part)

>On Mon, 2018-08-20 at 13:32 +0100, Grizzly via ubuntu-users wrote:
>> I can run a Wine app from terminal with

>> wine D:\path_to_app\App.exe -O
>> if I add 
>> Exec=wine D:\path_to_app\App.exe -O
>> to app.desktop it does nothing
>> I can use
>> Exec=wine D:\path_to_app\App.exe
>> i.e. no cmdline parameter, it then works but is of no real use
>> without the "-O"

>Nice problem description!

>What does "-O" do? It's possible that it's function will not work
>without a terminal to write to.

the "-O" starts the app (E-Mail) in off-line mode, (a real boon when the laptop 
is not always connected to internet)

>Also, are you really using backslashes? I would have thought that the
>bash command line would swallow them in your first test at least. Try
>using forward slashes?

That I am now testing, as the app is windows the wine cmdline seemed 
consistant, but I spend 60% if my time on windowz  

corrected them slashes and both now work

>You could also try running your command line in a terminal from inside
>the desktop file, so something like:

>Again, the backslash worries me.

Now that was a partial user error "i" not "I" in "image" name, so now .desktop 
file shows correct icon, but still have the diamond in "launcher" 

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