Static web photo gallery generator wanted

Peter Silva peter at
Mon Aug 13 12:57:26 UTC 2018

two questions:
  - does it have to be a web server?  I would think just using the file
manager with image preview would be good.
  - Last time I did this (many years ago) I just used fancy indexing on
straight apache... but no thumbnails that way.

fwiw: I just did apt search gallery and the following looked promising...
have not used:

fgallery/bionic,bionic 1.8.2-2 all
  static HTML+JavaScript photo album generator

lazygal/bionic,bionic 0.9.1-1 all
  static web gallery generator

libapache-gallery-perl/bionic,bionic 1.0.2-5 all
  Apache module to create image galleries on-the-fly

On Mon, Aug 13, 2018 at 8:47 AM, Chris Green <cl at> wrote:

> I'm looking for a simple, efficient way to generate an HTML gallery
> from a hierarchy of jpeg images.
> I.e. I have a directory ~/pictures which contains quite a deep
> hierarchy of sub-directories oranising my pictures organised as I
> want them.  It's quite big, something like 30 thousand images which
> total something over 50Gb.
> I want a way to generate a web gallery with much smaller iamage files
> (e.g.  maximum image size something like 1024x1024) in a hierarchy
> with simple HTML (or whatever) to make it navigable with a web
> browser.  This is 'all on one system', not for export to the WWW, it
> will just be displayed using the apache server on the same system.
> I also want to be able to select just a few images and generate a
> gallery which will be possible to export to a web server.  This is for
> showing people a few pictures by sending them a link in an E-Mail.
> Currently I use Photofloat (
> which does a fair amount of what I want but I'm looking for something
> better.  Photofloat's disadvantages (for me) are:-
>     It puts all of its output in one directory, so for my whole
>     hierarchy there are well over 100 thousand files in one directory.
>     This makes some operations rather difficult and slow.
>     As a result of the above it's also difficult to find the reduced
>     size version of any particular image which I sometimes want to do
>     for attaching to E-Mails etc.
>     The navigation controls while adequate could be better.
>     It's not particularly easy to run Photofloat on a subset of my
>     images, I've written a script to do it but the whole thing gets a
>     bit messy.
> So, any ideas for a relacement?
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> Chris Green
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