Static web photo gallery generator wanted

Chris Green cl at
Mon Aug 13 13:33:31 UTC 2018

On Mon, Aug 13, 2018 at 08:57:26AM -0400, Peter Silva wrote:
>    two questions:
>      - does it have to be a web server?  I would think just using the file
>    manager with image preview would be good.

For local viewing the file manager would be usable but it doesn't
handle the 'export a little bit of my hierarchy' bit.  Also, as for
the idea below I don't think it handles moving upd and down the
hierarchy very well.

>      - Last time I did this (many years ago) I just used fancy indexing on
>    straight apache... but no thumbnails that way.

Yes, I think I tried that a while ago, there's no easy way to navigate
the hierarchy though (if I rmemeber right).

>    fwiw: I just did apt search gallery and the following looked
>    promising... have not used:
>    fgallery/bionic,bionic 1.8.2-2 all
>      static HTML+JavaScript photo album generator

Doesn't handle a *hierarchy* of directories.

>    lazygal/bionic,bionic 0.9.1-1 all
>      static web gallery generator

Yes, I tried this a while ago but it's still being developed (a good
thing) which might mean it has improved.  I'll try it again, thanks.

>    libapache-gallery-perl/bionic,bionic 1.0.2-5 all
>      Apache module to create image galleries on-the-fly
I found this too, but it doesn't do compression.  I might investigate
further though as I run a web server already and sort of know how to
do things.

Chris Green

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