problems with virtualbox

Peter McD peter.posts at
Fri Aug 10 10:16:35 UTC 2018

Am 10.08.2018 um 11:36 schrieb Peter:
> I installed 64 bit Ubuntu 16.04 on one machine. This was a clean install
> wiping the disk clean. I then installed the latest Oracle Virtual Box
> (5.2.16) with th extension pack an user extension. I then ported back my
> original virtual box, which I can open, create and save files to the
> underlying Ubuntu file system but I cannot see my USB devices ( printers
> etc) from within the virtual box. The virtual box has Windows XP as its
> operating system.
> The original installation of 32 bit Ubuntu and 4.3.46 Virtual box work
> correctly and I can print from the virtual box.


What about cutting it short?

Try exporting the old virtual machines in the old environment and import
them into the new Virtual Box.

I run Oracle Virtual Box 5.2.16 Kubuntu 18.04 without problems, virtual
machines are a 32bit Windows 8.1 and Kubuntu 16.04.


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