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> hi,
> Am Montag, den 06.08.2018, 11:49 -0700 schrieb Bob:
> > On 5 Aug I upgraded Ubuntu 17.10 to 18.4.  During the upgrade I got a
> > popup
> > that said SNAPD was out of date, I replied to continue the upgrade.
> > 
> > I have no idea what SNAPD is or does.
> snapd is the tool that manages packages of the new snap format that
> more and more applications in ubuntu are delivered through... they
> allow the app to be updated completely independent from the OS so it is
> possible to have the latest libreoffice installed without having to
> wait for the distro version to be updated. 
> they also allow to land fixes to the applications at a very fast
> turnaround time (i.e. look at the stellarium thread here on the list,
> an issue was found, fixed and released to all ubuntu versions (and
> plenty of other distros) within 48h)
> > Why was SNAPD not up to date as I apply all changes when I get
> > notified there
> > are updates available?
> i can not answer this since i dont know what was up to date or not at
> the moment of upgrade, but below:
>> > snapd/bionic-updates,now 2.34.2+18.04 amd64 [installed]
> > snapd/bionic 2.32.5+18.04 amd64
> ... shows that the latest version of the deb according to:
> installed on your system
> > This is all very confusing.
> to make it even more confusing, the snapd version of the deb is
> actually irrelevant since snapd re-executes itself to the version
> shipped in the core snap as soon as this is installed. to get the
> actually running versions of everything related to snap packages you
> can run:
> snap version
> from the commandline, that will give you accurate info ...

Thanks forthe information.

Still confused about the version.  I will wait to see if it occurs later.

Robert Blair

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