stellarium problem

rikona rikona at
Sun Aug 5 19:36:15 UTC 2018

Using Ubuntu 16.04. Wanted to check out the location of close-by Mars
so installed stellarium via GUI but it won't run. All I get is an
instant flash of something on the screen. Htop does not see it running.
Locate gives me hundreds of stellarium-related files, so not sure what
to run via cli. This seems to be a snap install. Is there something
else needed to make it run correctly?

Not crucial - a phone app worked amazingly well, showing me what is in
the sky 'behind' the phone as I move the phone around in 3D space. Even
shows what would be in the sky on the other side of the earth if I point
the phone at the ground. :-)

I just wondered if there is anything different about snap installs,
and how to get this to work...

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