Printer Problem

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Jan 25 09:07:06 UTC 2017

Peter wrote (in two mails):
> On 24/01/17 17:58, Nils Kassube wrote:
> > Maybe you should tell us the printer type - is it a combined printer
> > / scanner? Or do you have a separate scanner, like Peter Silva
> > presumed? If it is a combined device, it would be a bit strange if
> > you can see the scanner and not the printer because they would
> > share the USB ID.

> > But if the VM isn't running, the USB ID of the printer is
> > assinged to the host, so the printer should be visible in Ubuntu.
> > Please check it with the command
> > 
> > lsusb
> > 
> > in a terminal, with and without the VM running.

> I tries lusb with and without the virtual machine running and got
> exactly the same result in both cases.

OK, then the printer is not assinged to the VM.

> By the way the scanner is visible to both the ubuntu machine and the
> virtual machine.
> Pth printer is a brother hl-w2130 and works perfectly with ubuntu and
> virtual machines on two other lenovo laptops.

There seems to be no HL-W2130, only a HL-2130 which is only a printer, 
so everything about the scanner would be unrelated.

> Is it worth recreating Uubuntu  then adding in the virtual machine
> aqfer checking the prointer and scanners work in Ubuntu.  The cups
> program on the problem machine does not detect any printers including
> a networked samsung CLP-320N. All the other laptops can find and
> install this printer.

> It is only the cups program that is unable to printers, either usb or
> network. I don't have a wifi printer so I can't check whether the cups
> program would be able to pick it up.

Of course reinstalling would be an option - don't forget to backup your 
valuable data if you decide to go that path. But probably it is only a 
problem with a missing package or a bad configuration, especially if you 
can't find ANY printer. Which Ubuntu version are you running and is it 
the same on all the machines?

> So my question is simple: Is there any other progrqm apart from cups
> which can be used to run printers in Ubuntu?

I'm not sure if there is another program apart from CUPS. But maybe the 
automatic printer detection fails for some reason, so you could try to 
start the CUPS user interface at <http://localhost:631/admin>.  There 
you could install a new printer and you should be able to find your 
network printer (samsung CLP-320N). It will ask for username and 
password - use the credentials which you use to login to the machine.

See also <> and 


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