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Peter Silva peter at
Tue Jan 24 03:58:29 UTC 2017

Individual ports are assigned, it isn't that all USB ports are assigned to
the VM, but that the one used by the printer might or might not be.   Are
you saying that you unplugged the printer and plugged a scanner into the
same port, and it was visible to ubuntu, where the printer wasn't?  and
this was the same on both laptops?

If that is what it is, then it might be that you have set up ubuntu as a
printer server on the laptop that works, and that the windows vm sees it as
a network printer.

As others have said:  The USB port used by the printer needs to be assigned
to either the host or the VM.   Whichever it is assigned to then needs to
'share' it with the other.   They don't both use the same USB at the same

On Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 8:03 PM, Peter <petergoggin at> wrote:

> So far as I can tell the setup for ubuntu is the same for both laptop. On
> both laptops Ubuntu can see my USB scanner. The usb settins for the virtual
> machines look the same on both laptops.
> If the usb ports had been assigned to the virtual machine on the T400 then
> I do not understand how ubuntu can see the usb scanner. It doe not make any
> difference whether the virtual machine is running or not.
> I have removed and reinstalled the cups printer system on the T400 but it
> makes no difference.
> Cups version  is 1.5.7 on bi]oth laptops.
> Regards
> Peter Goggin
> On 23/01/17 17:35, Nils Kassube wrote:
>> Peter wrote:
>>> I have a lenovo t400 laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 installed. I am running
>>> a virtual box with windows XP installed. I can see and use all of my
>>> usb printers in the windows machine. None of them show in the basic
>>> ubuntu system.  I have cups installed.
>>> I have a lenovo X61s laptop and the printers are availbale in both
>>> ubuntu and windows virtual machine.
>> If you have a USB device attached to the virtual machine, it is no
>> longer available for the host. Therefore I would guess, that the USB
>> printers are assinged to the XP virtual machine of the t400. On the
>> x61s the printers are not assinged to the VM and therefore they are
>> usable to the host while they are also visible to the VM because they
>> are shared over the network.
>> Nils
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