Printer Problem

Nils Kassube kassube at
Mon Jan 23 06:35:05 UTC 2017

Peter wrote:
> I have a lenovo t400 laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 installed. I am running
> a virtual box with windows XP installed. I can see and use all of my
> usb printers in the windows machine. None of them show in the basic
> ubuntu system.  I have cups installed.
> I have a lenovo X61s laptop and the printers are availbale in both
> ubuntu and windows virtual machine.

If you have a USB device attached to the virtual machine, it is no 
longer available for the host. Therefore I would guess, that the USB 
printers are assinged to the XP virtual machine of the t400. On the  
x61s the printers are not assinged to the VM and therefore they are 
usable to the host while they are also visible to the VM because they 
are shared over the network.


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