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Louis Bouchard louis.bouchard at
Mon Feb 20 15:02:37 UTC 2017


Le 20/02/2017 à 12:29, Chris Perry a écrit :
> Hi Peter
> It sounds as if you and Doug agree that the main problem here - by far
> the most important problem? - (as regards the server guide) is that
> "the Serverguide is in desperate need of subject matter expert help".
> Your proposal does nothing directly to address this problem. I don't
> understand this. If we get the technical reviews then if necessary I
> can help Doug do the updates to the server guide, Can't Canonical
> provide the technical reviewers? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding
> something crucial?
> Regards,
> Chris.

I have contributed to a few sections of the Server guide and would be happy to
continue. But since this is not my dayjob, having to re-ramp up the XML editing
knowledge,find some "workable" XML editor, remember the intricacies of the
edition process simply often too time consuming to participate.

I don't have any favorite and I don't think that writing things that will later
be handled by tech writers either. But it ought to be simpler to create
documents than fighting with XML.



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