systemd fails to boot most of the time

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at
Fri Feb 24 16:20:56 UTC 2017


I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS as well as Arch Linux with fstab and
systemd and never experienced such an issue. Neither with my old,
nor with my new mobo.

I replaced the CMOS battery of my brand new mobo, without testing if
the included battery is ok. In the past I experienced all kinds of
Voodoo, when the battery was weak, while nothing informs about a weak
battery. If I would be the OP I would clear the BIOS. This requires to
remove the battery and short circuit a jumper and then I would replace
it by a new brand-name product battery. How to clear the BIOS is
explained by the hardware manual.

I'm experiencing another issue with my new hardware. Since the OP
also does use new hardware, I recommend to contact the support of the
hardware vendors. In regards to support I have to admit, that they are
allergic to Linux. Intel support asked me, if I could test in Windows, .


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