systemd fails to boot most of the time

Teresa e Junior teresaejunior at
Fri Feb 24 11:40:22 UTC 2017

Em 24/02/2017 02:24, Ralf Mardorf escreveu:
> On Fri, 24 Feb 2017 02:07:08 -0300, Teresa e Junior wrote:
>> My current Ubuntu 16.10 system is constantly failing to boot, and it
>> seems systemd is failing to recognize my fstab partitions. Sometimes,
>> booting works normally, but most times it does not, and I'm left in
>> Emergency mode. I have to reboot many many times until it eventually
>> works.
> Hi,
> maybe the hard disk is broken. Does smartctl show something
> obvious? Are you using SATA cables without clips? How old is the CMOS
> battery?
>   $ sudo smartctl -A /dev/sda

The HD seems to be OK: . It is a laptop, 
and it was purchased 5 months ago!

It seems I am now able to boot (worked twice already) with the fstab 
options `noauto,x-systemd.automount` on /boot/efi, /home and swap. I 
still don't really know why that would be needed, though, neither it 
seems to be a really good idea!

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