Cheap mobo that doesn't cause issues with Ubuntu.

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at
Wed Feb 15 09:06:40 UTC 2017


I need a new mobo and PSU, this unfortunately means a new CPU and new
RAM, too. Does somebody use on of the following components or could
recommend for or against one of those components [1]?

Could somebody recommend something else?

The mobo must provide at least one PS/2 socket and one PCI slot, not
only PCIe. I can spend < 200,- EUR and this won't change soon, but
I urgently need a new computer.
At least one PCIe slot, one PCI slot and one USB port must have an IRQ
that isn't shared with anything else.

The computer I'm using now has got an AMD dual core 2.1 GHz, SSE2 only,
4 GiB RAM, PCIe and PCI slots, SATA 2 and USB 2.

Actually I don't need something better, but I don't trust the hardware
anymore. The only requirement for a new computer are at least the same
features + > SSE2, since SSE2 was the only issue I experience with my
current machine, when the hardware wasn't fishy.









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