install programs into wine

Bill bstanle at
Fri Feb 3 01:29:00 UTC 2017


I am new to wine and am having problems installing programs.  The 
program I am trying to install is DAZStudio_4.5.0.114_Win32.exe which is 
the windows for installer for DAZStudio.

The steps I followed are...

1 I installed Wine.  (No extra add ons for wine)

2. I configured Wine.  I want to emulate Windows 7.

3. Everything seems OK at this point.  To verify that wine is running I 
ran the Notepad accessory and it runs OK.

4. I followed the instructions in the web-page document

5. according to the web-page

     a.  I open the terminal.

     b. cd to the folder where the install program is

     c. run the install program.

     d the message I get is "command not found"

6 what am I doing wrong?  The terminal output is as follows:


bill at aragorn ~ $ cd Downloads/DAZ-Studio-Windows

bill at aragorn ~/Downloads/DAZ-Studio-Windows $ ls

14812_GenesisStarterEssentials_1.3_trx.exe DAZStudio_4.5.0.114_Win64.exe
DAZStudio_4.5.0.114_Win32.exe Installation-Guide-Windows.pdf

bill at aragorn ~/Downloads/DAZ-Studio-Windows $ DAZStudio_4.5.0.114_Win32.exe
DAZStudio_4.5.0.114_Win32.exe: command not found


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