Disable touchpad (was: Re: switch off auto-selection of text (or what ever it is called ..))

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 28 22:02:39 UTC 2017

On 12/27/2017 03:30 AM, Owen Thomas wrote:
> On 27 December 2017 at 22:11, Karl Auer <kauer at biplane.com.au> wrote:
>> On my current Lenovo, the settings app allows the touchpad to be turned
>> off and on; when on, the pointer speed can be adjusted, tap to click
>> can be enabled or disabled, as can two-finger scrolling and so called
>> "natural" scrolling.
> Hey! There it is.
> That kind of works, though it is crude and requires keyboard navigation to
> re-enable when you want your mouse back. I like the touchpad when I want to
> use it, but it gets in the way when I'm using the keyboard. I'd rather
> disable the touchpad quickly and then re-enable it when I want to use it
> just as quickly. Hence, I think it would be nice if Ubuntu had a shortcut
> key to toggle touchpad actvity.

Give touchpad-indicator a try. I had considerable issues with
enabling/disabling the touchpad on my HP G60 (xbindkey, xinputrc, etc) &
finally installed Atareao's touchpad-indicator. I can now turn the
touchpad on/off at the click of a mouse (or touchpad), automatically
turn off the touchpad when I plug in a mouse, enable touchpad on exit etc).

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install touchpad-indicator

The application is not without issues, but it is pretty well supported:


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