(solved) Re: LVM: How to access a foreign volume group

Volker Wysk post at volker-wysk.de
Sun Dec 10 16:15:31 UTC 2017


You can either use a recovery system without encryption and without LVM, or rename its volume-group name.  You just need to do "cryptsetup open...", and the volume group of the system to be recovered will automatically emerge.

In case of two encrypted-LVM-volumes, you need to rename the vg name of the recovery system. You should *not* unlock the system-to-be-recovered yet. 

Xen has made it clear how to rename the volume group:

   vgrename kubuntu-vg rescue-vg

   Then you must verify that /etc/fstab in the RESCUE system contains no 
   references to "kubuntu-vg" and you might also have to rerun 
   "update-grub" if you want to keep it this way.


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