LVM: How to access a foreign volume group

Xen list at
Sun Dec 10 07:36:34 UTC 2017

Volker Wysk schreef op 10-12-2017 2:38:
> Am Samstag, 9. Dezember 2017, 22:08:54 CET schrieb Xen:
>> Volker Wysk schreef op 04-12-2017 2:03:
>> > Hi!
>> >
>> > I'm about to set up an LVM cache (for my encrypted root file system).
>> Also I assume you will also encrypt your cache volumes?
>> This is not easy.
>> I don't think the initrd by default opens non-root encrypted thingies.
>> So you would need these steps:
>> (... ... ...)
> I'm afraid, your help goes to waste here, since I've already got it
> running, in a virtual machine. It wasn't easy, but I've managed to set
> it up. Your steps look familiar.
> The reason I'm worrying how to restore the system from backup, is
> because something might go wrong, when I apply the procedure to my
> production system, and I won't be able to boot it any longer. I want
> to know how to recover _before_ I break my machine. I've also looked
> at GRUB's recovey mode.

Oh well then I apologize, it just seemed to me a person capable of 
setting this up would also know how to use a Live DVD ;-).

In a live DVD there is nothing more to do than install 
thin-provisioning-tools and running cryptsetup open. That's it.

That's why I eh... misjudged you in that sense. Regards.

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