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> Joel Rees schreef op 03-12-2017 12:19:
>> A really quick search of Google produces these kinds of links, as well
as the "debunking" kind:
>> The problem I have with the debunking is that they use absence of
evidence as if it is evidence.
>> There may be some validity to the idea that current drive densities make
things infeasible *now*.
>> Now is not much comfort tomorrow, if you have that kind of data.
>> But most of us don't, really.
>> But there are several layers in the stack at which our attempts to erase
data can be foiled, and we should understand that. This thread has left out
a couple, BTW.
> You make some really vague statements.

The air you breathe is all around you. Which direction should I point when
telling you that air exists?

> The informational article suggests that these techniques are in wide use,
but without alluding to any sense of success.

Did you miss the part where some guy who was doing it for a living in 2009
gave a description if what he did and said explicitly how sucessful he was
and gave some background on why the usual case, recovering data from a
heavily used HD, was more successful than from a once-used, practcally
empty HD?

> You also don't allude which companies offer these (explicit) services.

I guess you didn't look at the URL as you read the second one?

I half to admit, I'm not sure why I bother mentioning it. If we worry too
much about where our information leaks, we can't use any of this marvelous
technology. Each of us has to choose how, and to what level, we protect

And where we get our warm fuzzies.
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