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Sun Dec 3 07:01:36 UTC 2017

Ralf Mardorf schreef op 02-12-2017 20:59:

> Thank you Adam,
> let alone that at least some users aren't aware that there is a
> difference between deleting (removing) a file and shredding it, on what
> ever shred level. Regarding digital forensics the "deepness" how the
> file is shred could matter a lot, too.

You are creating fear for no reason and you are misinforming people on 

Instead of inticing anxiety, why don't you inform?

- The default operation of "shred" is indeed not to delete. This is 
because shred can also be used on device files, and you would not want 
to delete a device file -- although "shred" could of course be clever 
enough to detect this.

To delete one must supply the -u flag.

By default, "shred" shreds to a sufficient enough "deepness" to thwart 
even physical assailants who have access to low-level technologies (that 
they need to take your device apart for).

However, in the typical use case, this is no concern. But it requires 
additional options (-n0 -z) to shred only one time, and with zeroes.

As such, as long as you are aware of the -u flag to actually delete,

there is no reason not to use shred on an ext3/ext4 filesystem.

And you should not misinform people.

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