Best way to backup an iphone to icloud on Linux (that works)

MR ZenWiz mrzenwiz at
Wed Mar 9 20:09:13 UTC 2016

I have a friend who has an iPhone that she wants to backup to her computer.

I did some googling for this, and the only result I saw that actually
applies to Linux systems is one on the AskUbuntu forum.  It refers to
a program call idevicebackup.

I pulled this down (libimobiledevice-utils) and installed it, but it
doesn't seem to do anything at all.  There are no files in the
specified backup directory, and there are no options or verbose flags
or interactive sessions available to find out what it is doing, if
anything.  It just reports the backups as done and nothing is there.

I tried using both idevicebackup and idevcebackup2, wth and without
the -u UDID option, but that made no difference.  (Yes, I do know how
to find that entity - it's not hard.  :-)

Is there such a thing that works, preferably well?


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