last shows “gone - no logout” instead of “still logged in”

Florian Oppermann florian.oppermann at
Mon Jun 20 12:52:05 UTC 2016

Dear Ubuntu users,

The program last from util-linux 2.27 (on xenial) gives me the output

> flop     console      :0               Mon Jun 20 09:31    gone - no logout

whereas the binary I copied from a trusty machine (version 2.20 of
util-linux) yields

> flop     console      :0               Mon Jun 20 09:31   still logged in

which is correct. Therefore I guess /var/log/wtmp didn’t change but last
did. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any changes related to this
issue in the changelog.

Does anybody have a hint how I can solve the issue? Or is this a bug
that has been introduced between 2.20 and 2.27?

Best regards,

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