Problem installing 16.04 LTS

Colin Law clanlaw at
Sat Jul 30 06:13:28 UTC 2016

On 30 Jul 2016 4:25 a.m., "John" <jsowden at> wrote:
> Got a new 2 TB drive that I put Mate on.  Haven't figured out the
specific benefit of Mate, ergo I am going back to xubuntu. Problems:
> 1) I had a 512MB partition on the 2 TB drive and one more for Ubuntu
Mate.  I tried to do a new install but I could not re-write sda1 (512 MB).
No error messages, etc. Grrrrrrrr.  I went back to the try it out CD mode,
and deleted the partitions sda1 and the rest, sda2.  Then, ...
> 2) I rebooted and started the install (again), I set up the partitions
for 1, 2 and 3.  When I got to 4, I tried to set up an "extended partition"
for all the others that I wanted.  No option for extended, no help, no
> So here I am.  Using a Windows O/S laptop to ask for Ubuntu help (ironic).

Boot from the DVD and run gparted to partition the disk the way you want,
then run the installer. The installer only copes with simple partitioning.
In fact I keep a gparted CD (there is an image for that) for just this sort
of situation.


> John
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