Upfrading from Ubuntu 14.03 to Ubuntu 16.0

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> A secondary question. I  use virtual machines to run windows so that I 
> can use certain programs,such as genealogy, which have no real Linux 
> equivalent.   How can I transfer a virtual machine image to a new 
> installation. While I have stored all of my data etc, outside the 
> virtual machine in my home directory, it would be nice not to have to 
> recreate the machines and reinstall the windows software and programs.

What are you using as a VM system?  When I upgraded from CentOS 5 (using Xen) 
to CentOS 6 (using KVM), it is pretty trivial to preserve my VMs, since I was 
using LVM volumes for their disk space.  I just had to save the XML VM 
discriptions.  The only problem was the 32-bit CentOS 5 VM that I had (no big 
deal since I didn't really need that one).

If you are using VirtualBox, I believe it saves the VM disk space in a special 
disk file and stores the VM's info in a configuration file of some sort.  You 
just need to keep those files between updates.  You should have stashed those 
files someplace other than the system file system eg on /home or someplace 
like /vmdata or whatever.  Some other file system than /.  

> As anyone else had any problems in going from Ubuntu 12 to Ubuntu 14?

I lost my Mingw32 build infrastructure. :-(.  I am in the process of creating 
a new Mingw32 build infrastructure (I found what looks like very good one at 
mxe.cc -- far better and more complete than what lives in the Ubuntu 

> Regards
> Peter Goggin

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