how to replay a snapshot (btrfs) ?

Rashkae ubuntu at
Tue Jul 26 19:27:38 UTC 2016

On 16-07-26 03:16 PM, Rashkae wrote:
> You'll notice that @home is missing from this list.  We aren't looking 
> at the same top level directory anymore.  Possibly an effect of having 
> some weird default subvolume now.
> I'm not at all sure what's the best way for you to untangle this knot 
> from here.
> Good luck.

That was rude of me, after I helped get you here... I'm sorry.

So you can boot from a live CD, that's good.

First, we need to fix the default subvolume, so mount your device, set 
default id to 5, unmount / and remount the device, do an ls.  If you got 
it right, @home should re-appear.

At that point, get a new brtrfs sub list output so we can see what 
subvolumes are available and where they are to be found.

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