Gnome Terminal Double Click Selection?

Jacques Beigbeder Jacques.Beigbeder at
Tue Jul 19 12:39:20 UTC 2016


I try to specify characters that end the selection on double click
with gnome-terminal. On the old xterm, it was:
	XTerm*charClass:	3:48,35-37:48,43:48,45-47:48,64:48,92:48,126:48

I found:
So what to do?

NB: I just read on
	History: In classic Gnome Terminal versions, the profile preference dialog
	contained a field for configuring those additional characters. With Gnome 3,
	UI experts have removed this option from the dialog because they thought it
	was too complicated to use, though. 
Interesting! If something is too complicated, remove. Expert are not people to consider...


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