Battery Working, but not Charging

Teresa e Junior teresaejunior at
Mon Jul 18 07:19:42 UTC 2016

Em 18/07/2016 03:16, Didik Setiawan escreveu:
> I've tried turn laptop on in variety of states, ac plugged-unplugged,
> discharging-recharging but battery still not charging. The only way
> to make it charging is boot on Windows and boot again using
> Ubuntu. But still, after I restart the laptop after using Ubuntu,
> I face the same problem again.

Batteries on newer Lenovo laptops can be configured on a software
available for Windows platforms. It is set to 60% by default, in order
to prolong the battery life. For Thinkpad users on Linux, TLP can change
the battery charge thresholds:

My Lenovo is not a Thinkpad, though, but a Lenovo G40-80 (Lancer 4A1),
so I still haven't figured out how to solve this problem myself! Some
users just reset the CMOS to enable full charges, as in
, but I'd rather keep the health of the battery if possible!

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