Battery Working, but not Charging

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> Thank you for the answer.
> I've tried turn laptop on in variety of states, ac plugged-unplugged,
> discharging-recharging but battery still not charging. The only way
> to make it charging is boot on Windows and boot again using
> Ubuntu. But still, after I restart the laptop after using Ubuntu,
> I face the same problem again.

Yesterday I was out with my laptop (a thinkpad T60) and noticed a problem with
the battery behavior that I have not noticed before (Ubuntu 16.04).

I had the computer turned on for a while and I noticed the battery icon had
turned red so I plugged the computer into the mains to charge it up.  The
battery icon changed to white with a small symbol in it that I think was 0% (it
was too small for me read).  The computer was still running an hour later but
the battery icon had not changed and the battery was 100% charged.  So it
appears there is a problem with the battery icon display but not the

> Here is output of the commands you suggest to run:

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