How to set the single click speed?

Karl Auer kauer at
Thu Jan 21 21:26:38 UTC 2016

On Thu, 2016-01-21 at 21:07 +0000, Colin Law wrote:
> Do you have any suggestions for why it is that few others, if any, see
> those problems?

Careful - there's nothing worse than "you're the first person to have
this problem" or "nobody else is seeing it, it must be you". Someone has
to be first, and it may just be that no-one else has reported it yet.

I have seen some of the problems he's mentioned - for example, the
apparent self-selection of an element in a drop down menu, and the
sudden disappearance of a swathe of text in an editor. It was
particularly irritating when "Revert" got self-selected in Eclipse! The
self-selection of an element in a drop-down menu always self-selected
the menu item closest to the mouse pointer location - so not always the
first or last, though very commonly so - the first when the menu dropped
down, the second when the menu dropped up.

Both lessened effectively to zero when I disabled the touch-pads on the
laptops I was using. I use a real mouse even on laptops with touch-pads,
because I can't abide touch-pads. It happened on three different laptops
- two Lenovos and a Dell. I thought I must be inadvertently touching the
touch-pads, but once alert to the possibility, I saw it happening when I
had knew for a fact that I not gone anywhere near the touch-pad. I also
learned to right-click-and-hold, then select what I wanted by sliding
through the menus.

So it might not be the mouse, though that does seem the likeliest
explanation. It might be a combination of a defective mouse *and*
software issues.

Test with other mice, test the mouse on other systems.

Regards, K.

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