start time of video on Garmin VFAT camera

Adam Funk a24061 at
Wed Jan 20 14:02:00 UTC 2016


I have a Garmin video camera that plays nicely with Ubuntu as a USB
device with a VFAT filesystem.  It records files with sequential
numbers, e.g.,


It seems to automatically detect the last number used & increment it
every time I switch the recorder back on, & if (for example) I delete
VIRB0125.MP4 before I switch the recorder off, it will re-use that

What I want to do now is write something in bash or python to copy
files off the camera but rename the destination file to include the
start time of the recording.  From looking at the `stat` output on the
files, I get the impression that the "change" timestamp could well be
when the recording started & the "modify" one could be when it
finished.  Has anyone else corroborated this sort of thing?


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