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rikona rikona at sonic.net
Thu Jan 7 00:22:10 UTC 2016

Hello Liam,

Tuesday, January 5, 2016, 4:54:14 PM, Liam wrote:

> On 5 January 2016 at 07:26, rikona <rikona at sonic.net> wrote:
>> Do you know what privacy issues result from using the chrome engine in
>> opera?

> Yes. None at all.

I guess we see that differently...

> You are _far_ more at risk using such an out-of-date browser.

For security, clearly yes, for privacy, maybe.

> Programs cannot arbitrarily update themselves on Linux. Installing
> packages requires superuser permission.

Fortunately. :-)

> So while Linux apps might have a "check if I am the latest version"
> option, it's just vestigial. It does something on Windows or Mac OS
> X, but on Linux, you should be installing things from the package
> manager. You add the repository for the app you want, then you
> install it with apt-get or the Software Centre or whatever you
> prefer to use.

Yes - I was unaware of this - even the Software Centre says I have the
latest version. Back to the CLI. :-)

> Besides, you're being overly paranoid about Google. It's one of the
> more harmless companies in tech. Apple, Microsoft and Oracle are all
> far nastier.

Agreed re the last 3.

> If you want to try the Google browser engine with no embedded
> phone-home code that might tell Google what you're searching for or
> something, then there is Chromium. It's the FOSS code that Chrome is
> built from, but Chromium has no Google monitoring, no Flash player,
> no proprietary bits at all.

The folks who have more private Chromium-based browsers ALL say they
needed to remove things from Chromium to avoid some Google call-homes,
and other privacy issues. And, in June it was discovered that Chrome
silently downloads software to permanently listen in to everything in
the room and send it back to Google. So, not only do they track
everything you do online, they can also record everything you say.
When asked about it, they said they don't want users to know what
other stuff they install. Privacy, yeah, right... not from Google.

> Opera has been built from the same code for 2-3y now.

> You need to replace Opera 12 *NOW*. Today.


> If you like Opera, fine, stay with it, but add the repos, get the
> current version and stay on the current stable version.

The newer Opera may still be a good option, but I'm considering others
and will probably end up with a mix for different purposes, given how
difficult it is to get real privacy nowadays.



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