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rikona rikona at sonic.net
Wed Jan 6 23:58:36 UTC 2016

Hello Ralf,

Tuesday, January 5, 2016, 6:22:14 PM, Ralf wrote:

> On Tue, 5 Jan 2016 17:43:08 -0800, rikona wrote:
>>I mentioned it because they said they modified the google engine to
>>remove the ability to report stuff. That is what makes me suspicious
>>of chrome, etc, even if opera says they have 'privacy' [whatever that
>>means nowadays]...

> You might be interested in Iridium.

> "Iridium is a free, open, and libre browser modification of the Chromium
> code base, with privacy being enhanced in several key areas."

> https://iridiumbrowser.de/download

Interesting... but not completely clear on privacy vs security - two
different things. They seem to use them interchangeably. They seem to
concentrate on security when referring to specific changes. not much
specific re privacy - it is likely that their Chromium may still keep
google well informed.

As they say: "Chromium (which Iridium is based on) is a very secure
browser, yes. But it does call home to Google. "

Epic really DID remove that kind of thing from their Chromium, and
google cut them off completely and banned them and the Epic browser.
google simply will NOT permit ANY real privacy...

> I never tested it myself.

> Btw. even TOR isn't 100% secure, but nowadays I experienced it as
> faster than in the early days, OTOH I seldom use TOR.

> https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq.html.en#AnonymityAndSecurity

I used that quite some time ago - very hard to do at that time, and
slow/unreliable too. I was also using anon proxies then, and noticed
that, over time, only a few kept operating. Others were somehow always
flooded beyond capacity and at some point gave up. After a while I
decided that the 'permanent' ones were probably run by some 3-letter
gov agency and not really secure. :-))



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